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Neutral running shoes

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Neutral running shoes are designed to meet the needs of runners whose feet neither over-pronate nor under-pronate. Pronation is when the arches of a runner’s feel flatten out as they hit the ground. They do this to absorb the impact.

If your feet pronate too much, added stress is being placed on stabilizing muscles in your outer shin area. If they pronate too little, muscles may be overworked as they try to prevent your foot from rolling. Different shoes are designed to correct either of these situations. However, most runners’ feet do neither so neutral running shoes are their best option.

Neutral running shoes are not intended to balance out or correct an issue with how one’s feet hit the pavement. As a result, many of their features are designed to simply work at moderate levels of function, such as the cushioning. Straight or semi-curved lasts also provide just the right level of stability. Other aspects of neutral running shoes are created to be complementary, or to balance each other out. Durable outer soles being paired softer forefronts are an example of this.



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